Rush have released a teaser of their forthcoming DVD via Rolling Rush toured through 2012-13 to support their latest album, Clockwork Angels, and added an eight-piece string ensemble to their shows.

The band recorded a show in Dallas for a Clockwork Angels Tour DVD/CD that will be out on November 19. Here’s a preview clip of the band playing “The Garden,” the grand finale of the Clockwork Angels album. The clip also demonstrates the powers of Alex Lifeson’s Les Paul Axcess in “acoustic” mode. Lifeson also plays keyboards on the live track.

Rush are now on a break. 2014 is their 40th Anniversary and bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee says their management wanted an anniversary tour. “That's not going to happen, though,” Lee told Rolling Stone in September. “My attitude is that as much as I’d like to celebrate 40 years, we need a break more than we need a 40th anniversary celebration. There's nothing wrong with celebrating 42 years.”