The Rolling Stones unleashed their newest studio album, Blue & Lonesome, last December, and now, the guys have new music on their minds. In a new video, guitarist Keith Richards says the band has plans to churn out a new album of original songs—soon.

"We are very, very shortly cutting some new stuff and considering where to take it next," Richards stated in the video on his official YouTube channel.

Rolling Stones

As for Blue & Lonesome, Richards says the positive response to the album of blues covers “caught us a little bit by surprise.” In fact, the guys might even record “the inevitable volume two,” but they probably won’t start on that “straight away.”

He added, "it wouldn't take a twist of the arm to do some more of that. It's such fun to record, and there's plenty more where that came from."

The positive energy from Blue & Lonesome, Richards says, should help inspire the group when writing new music.

"I just think, actually, The Stones will use it as a boost to their energy and to their feelings of viability in this day and age," Richards said, adding, "and see what we can come up with next."

The Rolling Stones released their last studio album of original songs in 2005, A Bigger Bang.