Dire Straits

Recently, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced its inductees for 2018. Among the inductees are classic rock acts Dire Straits and Bon Jovi. Most Hall of Fame ceremonies involve reunions of some kind. Could this happen for Dire Straits (who haven’t played together since 1992) and Bon Jovi (who split with long-time guitarist Richie Sambora in 2013)?

When Rolling Stone asked bassist John Illsley – the only Dire Straits member, besides Knopfler, who stayed with the band from beginning to end – about the chances of a Hall of Fame reunion, he was non-committal saying, “I think we'll just have to see how that's going to work. We're talking about a long time. David [Knopfler, Mark’s brother] left the band in 1980. That's 37 years ago. Pick [Withers, drummer] left in 1983. We're talking 34 years ago... A lot of time has passed. That's something Mark and I need to talk about and I'm not about to make any categorical [claims] right here. They'd obviously be unfair and probably misplaced and inaccurate.”

Jon Bon Jovi, on the other hand, is pretty certain he’d like his old partner Sambora at the ceremony, telling Billboard, I appreciate everything he did. He was my right hand for a long time, so there was never ill will…he was there for three decades and he should be there to celebrate the moment. So he'll be invited to join the rest of the band in all of the festivities.”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place on April 14, in Cleveland.