Rise Against by Anne Erickson

Rise Against rocked the Budweiser Orion stage at last weekend’s Orion Music + More festival, which, of course, was put on by Metallica. We couldn’t help but notice Rise Against guitarist Zach Blair and frontman Tim McIlrath rocking their Gibsons during the show, which included such punk classics as “The Good Left Undone,” “Re-Education (Through Labor),” “Help Is on the Way” and more. Check out a photo here!

Gibson.com recently caught up with Blair to chat about the band’s latest full-length, Endgame, and his love for SGs and Les Pauls .

“My first real guitar was a SG, and I knew Pete Townshend used that guitar, so it was always cool to me,” Blair explained. “For a while, when I started playing in punk bands and I would be the only guitar player, I would only use SGs. Then, with Rise Against, I found the Les Paul was better for me as a tool, because it has a bigger sound and a fatter sound. For me, the Les Paul is the greatest rock and roll guitar of all time.”

He added, “If you’re not playing a Gibson guitar and you’re playing this kind of music, whether it’s punk, metal or anything grounded in rock ‘n’ roll, you’re not really doing it right. I don’t think professionally I’d every play anything else. Gibson, thank you for making greatest guitars ever.”

Festival organizers say this year’s Orion Music + More, which took place on Detroit’s Belle Isle, pulled in 20,000 people per day. No word yet on whether the festival will return to Detroit next year.

Photo credit: Anne Erickson.