Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr is partnering with noted illustrator Ben Cort to create a children’s picture book based on The Beatles song, “Octopus’s Garden.” The book will tell a story of five children taken on an underwater adventure by a friendly octopus. A CD featuring a previously unreleased portion of the song will be included in the package.

The former Beatle wrote the whimsical composition in 1968, during a stay on a yacht that belonged to actor-comedian Peter Sellers. Inspiration for the lyrics came from stories about sea creature told by the boat’s captain. The song appeared on The Beatles’ 1969 album, Abbey Road.

Simon & Schuster will publish the book in England in October, with U.S. publication to follow in January 2014. In a prepared statement, the company’s U.K. editor, Ingrid Selberg, called it the "perfect marriage of a truly child-friendly text, based on Ringo's popular song, with illustrations that revel in the imaginative opportunities presented by the lyrics." Starr added that the idea for the book gave him “great pleasure.”