Broken Record

One of the most consistent themes in music visionary Rick Rubin’s long and storied career is his penchant for getting artists to crossover from their original fanbase to newer, larger audiences. He’s done it with the Beastie Boys (guiding them from their punk roots to rap), with Aerosmith (revitalizing their career with the Run-D.M.C collaboration ‘Walk This Way’), Jay-Z (taking him to a rock audience with ’99 Problems’) and Johnny Cash (using his haunting voice to reimagine a host of popular songs).

His latest project is called Broken Record and it’s a podcast he’s co-hosting with author Malcolm Gladwell. Officially described as “liner notes for the digital age,” the podcast will feature the two talking about – according to Pitchfork – “different songs, artists and kinds of music.” The first episode featured an interview with Eminem, who released his new single ‘Walk On Water’ featuring Beyoncé last week.

In the podcast, it’s revealed that Rubin played ‘Walk On Water’ for Jay-Z, who then persuaded Beyoncé to contribute to the track. Eminem also talks about his influences like Tupac Shakur – “He was so smart about picking his beats. Tupac always said ‘feel me,’ and you have to feel him, and not just hear him.” – Ice-T and N.W.A among others.

Listen to the full podcast here.