Butch Walker

This past weekend it was widely reported that Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Flea lost his $4.8 million home in the wildfires that devastated parts of Malibu in recent weeks. Now it has come to light that the house also contained the belongings of musician/producer Butch Walker, and that those items were lost in the fire as well.

"I had just consolidated my entire recording studio and house from Atlanta into the one house in Malibu," Walker said, in a prepared statement. "I lost everything I've ever owned. Every master of every song I've ever recorded, every piece of recording equipment, guitars, drums, and things I've collected over the years, cars, motorcycles, every family memorial, heirloom, picture, and document we ever had ... Gone. I feel like I finally know the difference between 'going back' and 'going home'."

Walker was on tour in New York City at the time of the blaze. Members of his family were reportedly staying at the house—which was being rented to Walker by Flea—and all were safely evacuated. Through his management company, Walker and his family have requested privacy during this difficult time. —Russell Hall