Guns N' Roses

Prior to his Guns N' Roses days, Axl Rose was the singer in a band called Rapidfire. Kevin Lawrence, who was the guitarist in Rapidfire, has recently released snippets of demos recorded by the band in 1983, with Rose on lead vocals. Lawrence's lawyer has released a 35-page document detailing the history behind the band and the recordings: "The five songs I described are not available to the public. There is no website you can visit to download them. There are no CDs waiting to be shipped. Then again, that could change."
"At this point, I cast the decision out to anyone and everyone who has read my narrative and commentary and has an interest in what happens to the tracks laid down by Rapidfire in 1983. Speak up and speak out about what you would like to have happen. Kevin and I will listen and see what we can do."
Rose left Rapidfire shortly after recording the demo, in order to form Hollywood Rose with his friend Izzy Stradlin. The rest is history...