Phish are working on their first album since 2009’s Joy, says Trey Anastasio. As reported by Rolling Stone, the Phish frontman broke the news to PBS NewsHour, in an interview to be broadcast later this summer. Anastasio had previously predicted Phish would begin a new project in 2012. Last year, keyboardist Page McConnell told Rolling Stone the band was “going to try to create something that really comes from the four of us … something more in-the-moment together.”

In a series of tweets, NewsHour producer Mike Melia said Anastasio expressed gratitude to longtime Phish fans. “A lot of the people that come see us have been coming for 20, 30 years …,” said Anastasio. “And I know them. A lot I don't know by name, but there are people that I look out and see that I really genuinely feel a connection to … people who stand like 10 rows back and dance that I recognize."