Pete Townshend is pitching in to assist victims of last week’s deadly Grenfell Tower fire. As reported by London’s The Mirror, the guitarist knew four families who lived in the high-rise apartment building, and has written checks to some of those who were impacted by the tragedy.

“They’re not okay,” he said. “A mother lost her daughter, two little girls were in comas. So I’ve been right in there helping with those families.”

Townshend, who grew up in nearby Shepherd’s Bush, went so far as to replace a piano that a young girl lost in the fire. He’s also teamed up with the musician’s collective Artists for Grenfell to record a cover version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” with proceeds from sales of the single going towards aid for the victims.

“It’s fantastic, I promise you you’re going to love it,” he said, describing the recording. “What they’ve done is so great.” More than 50 artists participated in the making of the single, including Queen’s Brian May and Townshend’s bandmate Roger Daltrey.

Artists for Grenfell