Pearl Jam

The last time Dave Krusen performed on a Pearl Jam record was 1991’s Ten, the band’s debut album.

Over the next half century, the Seattle band would go on to sell millions of records, sell-out stadiums across the world and become one of rock’s most enduring statesmen. Since then, they’ve also gone through a number of drummers before settling on Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron in 1998. Post Pearl Jam, Krusen went on to play with a number of bands including Hovercraft, Diamond Star Halo and most recently, Candlebox.

The drummer, who left the band in May 1991 after completing the recording of Ten, briefly reunited with the band this year at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, playing drums on their performance of ‘Alive.’ At the time, he was the only former member of the band to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Now, as part of their fan club-only Holiday Single series, Pearl have released a soundcheck recording of ‘Alive’ recorded before the Hall of Fame performance, again, featuring Krusen. The second track on the single is a cover of Chuck Berry’s ‘Around and Around.’ While the single is only available to members of the Ten Club, Pearl Jam’s fan community, here are a few pics of the single’s artwork, including details of Krusen’s participation.