Pearl Jam

Playing basketball with your favorite rock stars may sound like a dream scenario, but for one Pearl Jam fan, it was a bit dangerous. Sherif Hassan says that he was playing basketball with Pearl Jam bass player Jeff Ament and Arcade Fire’s Win Butler last weekend in New Zealand, when he was suddenly struck in the face by Ament’s elbow.

“He’s aggressive, I’ll tell you that much,” Hassan told Australian radio station Triple J. ”He broke my nose. All I heard was Win going off about how the rules are rubbish down here, and throwing balls around and chucking a bit of a hissy fit.”

Hassan didn’t come out of the deal empty-handed. He says that Ament was kind enough to give him a pair of tickets and backstage passes to the Auckland edition of the Big Day Out festival, featuring Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, Deftones, Mudhoney, Primus and more.

“It was worth it,” he said of the injury and subsequent gift. “I got to meet Lorde… [she] was just chilling backstage, it was weird seeing her in person. We got to the front of stage for Pearl Jam, and [frontman] Eddie Vedder gave me a shout out.”