Since CBGB's closing in October 2006, the iconic New York rock club has been vacant. But that famously dingy stage hasn't seen its last days yet. Plans were announced Tuesday for designer John Varvatos to occupy the space at 315 Bowery with one of his upscale menswear stores. Fifty-two-year-old Varvatos has said he vividly remembers visiting CBGB to see the Ramones, one of many bands that launched their career in the venue. Varvatos, a favorite designer of musicians like Slash, Alice Cooper, Ryan Adams, and Iggy Pop, says he plans to keep CBGB's rock spirit alive by preserving the stage and hosting in-store performances each month. "I want to create something with a little bit of the heart and soul from what was there," he said. The store will open March 2008.—Ellen Mallernee