Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher believes there’s a lesson to be learned from the way David Bowie staged his recent return to making music. In a new interview with New Musical Express, Gallagher says Bowie’s new album serves notice that established artists shouldn’t be so quick to trade on past glories. “It's great to hear his voice singing something new,” says Gallagher. “The more you hear [the single] 'Where Are We Now?,' the better it gets. The video's mad – like his cat directed it."

Gallagher said Bowie’s comeback “blew his mind,” adding that it strengthened his [Gallagher’s] resolve against the idea that bands should reunite to perform their “oldies.” “If you had turned on the news and it had said, 'David Bowie is to do a series of concerts next year,' everyone would have gone, 'Oh great, can't wait, that's it, let's talk about something else,’” Gallagher said. “But we're still talking about that song. New music and records rule, but reunions for gigs [don’t]."