Roger Waters has said what most fans pretty much new already - there will be no Pink Floyd reunion. In an interview with The Sun, Waters said: “I can’t. I left Pink Floyd for very good reasons, and it was the right and proper thing to do. It was over in in 1985 – and it’s still over.” But he does go on to say “I’m having dinner with Nick [Mason, Pink Floyd drummer] tonight. He’d jump back in a heartbeat.”

Pink FloydWaters has been busy touring the world with his massive production of The Wall during the past couple of years. In 2011 the surviving members of Pink Floyd – Waters, Mason, and guitarist David Gilmour all reunited on stage during one of The Wall shows. Roger, who initially said he had played the last show of The Wall last summer, decided to resurrect it for one more trek through European stadiums in the summer of 2013. Says Waters about the show “I was determined that this show should not just tell the story of miserable little Roger Waters, but make it a much broader and theatrical piece about the walls that divide us – north and south, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims.”