Nine Inch Nails (and former Guns N’ Roses) guitarist Robin Finck has revealed the story of his love affair with the Gibson Les Paul in an interview with the Seymour Duncan blog.

When asked what it was about Les Pauls that worked for him, Finck explained, “It was the first guitar I put on that had a pitched neck, and the strings being high off the face of the arch top body just seemed to hang right around my shoulder. And the neck was for real. The fact that it was an awesome sounding guitar… that was a bonus.”

And yet Finck says his initial attraction to the Les Paul was on much more of a gut level. “I had followed this group of eccentrics I’d met at a Denny’s on Hwy 41 back to their house which wasn’t too far,” Finck said. “Turned out to be a half-way house and a million people lived there and they had a band in the basement and the guitar player played a Les Paul. That was the first time I played one. It just felt like a solid thing.” So what did he do? “I worked my ass off mowing lawns and cleaning gutters all summer to buy one on lay-away. I still have that Les Paul. I’ll be playing it tonight.”

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