Don’t count Aerosmith out just yet. The guys’ last bit of new music arrived back in 2012 via their studio album Music from Another Dimension, and now, it looks like more is in the works.

Guitarist Brad Whiteford dropped the news to Billboard Argentina, stating that the Aerosmith crew recently visited a London studio while on tour in Europe to start recording a new track.

"This song is a musical idea of Joe Perry’s," Whitford explained. "We're doing it very much like we did songs back when we started out. It's a very rock 'n' roll (tune)."

Aerosmith are currently gearing up to set off on a fall tour leg of South America and Mexico. That run kicks off Sept. 15 in Quito, Ecuador.

Remember the rumor that Aerosmith would be considering retirement at some point soon? Well, Whitford tells Billboard Argentina that he hopes the band has at least "five more years."

“We're going to keep playing until we can't play anymore,” he added, laughing.