He’s long championed the cause of high-resolution music, first with his Pono music player and later his music streaming service Xstream. Now, Neil Young takes his campaign in support of quality audio a step further, with the launch of his back catalogue website, the Neil Young Archives.

Essentially, the Neil Young Archives hosts every bit of media Young has created throughout his long and storied career. Admittedly, with the release over the weekend of The Visitor, Young’s thirty-ninth studio album, it would appear that the archive serves as a great promotional tool. That being said, it really is so much more.

Delving deep into the archive reveals riches of previously unreleased music from one of rock’s most prolific artists, showcasing more than a half century’s worth of music, starting with the song ‘Aurora’ with his first band The Squires (from 1963) all the way to his current album The Visitor, with lots of historic milestones in between. As Young says in a welcome message on the site, “it is not yet complete as we are still adding a lot of detail to the older recordings,” though in addition to audio material there’s also photographs, videos, song credits and assorted information. (Some music, including some of his work with Buffalo Springfield and with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, is not streaming yet, but it’s possible copyright issues are being worked out).

The archive’s mission, according to Young, is to “provide fans and historians with unprecedented access to all of my music and my entire archive in one convenient location. This archive is designed to be a living document, constantly evolving and including every new recording as it is made."

Neil Young