The new Megadeth album, Super Collider, is due next month, and frontman Dave Mustaine is pretty fond of it from the sound of this, but he understands if you're not into it, too. “I am very proud,” he tells Ultimate Guitar's Steven Rosen. "There are gonna be people who are gonna take exception with the record because they’re people that wanna hear "Black Friday" the rest of their lives. And I feel for them, man. I know the first time I heard AC/DC versus what they put out now, it’s a different time. I think that’s the whole thing about if you’re really a fan of the band, you grow with them or you stop being a fan. I always loved early AC/DC and I totally respect older AC/DC, but I was weaned on Bon Scott."

The first single from Super Collider — the title track, in fact — was released a few weeks ago, and the band has just finished shooting the video for the song. The video features actress/model/singer/songwriter Hunter Elizabeth, who says the video is "about a high-school couple still loving each other after all the years after graduation, and at the 10-year reunion, both characters find themselves successful (a model and a mathematician) and still very in love."

The album is being released on Mustaine's own Tradecraft Records via Universal.