Metallica raised the volume considerably at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. The metal group held a Q&A in Hall H, the largest room of the San Diego Convention Center. The event was intended to hype Metallica’s upcoming IMAX release Metallica Through The Never. On hand, aside from the band, were the movie’s director Nimrod Antal, and the star of the film Dane DeHaan.
According to Billboard, Lars Ulrich spoke about the giant stage the band used for the movie, which took up most of the floor space of Vancouver's Rogers Arena where the concert footage was shot: “The stage is the star of the film. [...] Making a movie about a stage, and then bringing it to the people is a cool idea. It's the biggest stage you'll ever see anywhere.”
Aside from taking questions from fans, the band also debuted a new trailer for the movie at the event.
Later the same day (July 19) the band held a (not so) secret gig at the nearby Spreckles Theatre. Concert goers, who had all won tickets or been invited to the event, were treated to a 13 song set that included Metallica classics such as “One,” “Master of Puppets,” and “Enter Sandman.”