It wasn't exactly a surprise that Metallica would play at the Orion Music + More Festival, which is the band's own creation. Metallica was already scheduled to close day two of the festival. What wasn't known was that Metallica would appear on the festival's second smallest stage in the afternoon on the first day of the festival. The previously scheduled unknown band Dehaan turned out to be James Hetfield and Co. Minutes before the band took the stage, Hetfield posted the following message on Instagram: "Don’t miss Deehan! #MUYA #mff #UwillRegretMissingThem #IfUdoUmightKillEmAll #winkWink #getIt?"
Classic Rock report that Hetfield took the stage, seemingly to announce Dehaan: "Good morning – whatever it is. I’m here to introduce Dehaan. Does anyone know who they are? They’re from Baltimore. A totally mystery band that no one knows anything about, except us." He was then joined by the rest of Metallica on stage, and the band proceeded to play their entire first album, Kill 'Em All, making it the first time that "(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth" has been played in full since 1986.