For the past decade and a half, Brian Ray has toured the world with Paul McCartney performing in Sir Paul’s touring band. When he’s not tied up with Sir Paul, though, Ray makes his own music in power-pop band the Bayonets.

Now, the Bayonets have a record deal with JEM Records, based in New Jersey. The label recently reissued the Bayonets’ 2014 album "Crash Boom Bang!” giving the set distribution via Sony Music/RED.

“It was very different from most of the stuff you hear, because it had this low-end, twangy, Duane Eddy-influenced guitar, and it had a lot of female background vocals, and very infectious lyrics and melodies,” Marty Scott, president at co-founder of JEM Records, told “After maybe like the fourth or fifth one, I was like, ‘I’ve got to find these people.’ “

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The Bayonets

Ray recently spoke with about how McCartney lets band members put their own stamp on his music. 

"Yeah, he’s really generous that way. And he lets the music live and breathe," Ray said. "Paul has a great quote and he said it early on. He says [doing the voice], “You play music, you don’t work music. Let’s play music!” And it’s that simple for him. He didn’t study it from a technical angle, nor did I. I tried for a couple of days, but it didn’t suit me. I was a self-taught blues/rock/pop guitar player, who was just given some great opportunities."

He added, "And Paul was just a very gifted songwriter who had a myriad of influences, himself. His father was kind of a vaudevillian piano parlor, piano-playing singer. He liked Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers and Elvis, too. He had this differing variety of influences, himself, and all of those things came together to make him this incredible melody and pop machine – but a real rocker. Inside, he’s an R&B rocker. He’s a vital rocker."

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Ray rocks Gibson guitars on the road. Take a look at his smoking hot Brian Ray SG Standard w/Bigsby here