Mastodon by Anne Erickson

Metal favorites Mastodon are gearing up to unleash their latest concoction, Once More ‘Round the Sun, out June 24.

“High Road,” the lead single from the upcoming set, is a sludgy gem, complete with thick riffing and a punchy metal sound.

Guitarist Bill Kelliher says “High Road” doesn’t sound like the rest of the new album. “There are a lot of slower, heavier, down-tuned songs, and ‘High Road’ is a very upbeat song,” he told

Kelliher has his own Bill Kelliher “Golden Axe” Explorer and says his favorite thing about the Gibson brand is its pristine quality.

“To me, they’re beautiful. They’re a work of art,” he said. “When I look at old Les Pauls and Explorers and ES-335s, they’re works of art. They feel good. Something about the way the neck is angled back from the body is comfortable. They play well, and Gibsons stay in tune really well.

“When I get a new one and take it out of the package, it’s always in great condition, and the action is always great. It’s just a quality-made product!”

Check back for our full interview with Kelliher next week.

Photo by Anne Erickson