Mark Knopfler

Universal Music Group has announced a worldwide deal with ace guitarist and songwriter Mark Knopfler.

Knopfler’s album Privateering, will be released in the Unites States on UMG’s Verve Records on September 10.

Max Hole, Chairman and CEO UMG International commented: “Mark has long been one of the most innovative and successful artists in music and we’re thrilled he’s decided to sign to Verve so that we are now working with him everywhere across the world.”

The album is Knopfler’s first double album of new music in his long recording career.

Knopfler said, “I chose to make a double album this time just because of the sheer volume of material. I didn't want to separate songs into genres and I didn't want to leave too many songs on the shelf. I just wanted it to be a reflection of the fantastic sessions we had. With a great bunch of players, it’s the same as a great group of actors reading a script from the page, the thing can come alive in ways it just never has before. This is the band I have been working towards my whole life.”