Former Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden is hard at work at Abbey Road studios working on a new album which will feature some famous friends.

Marsden's album will feature guest appearances from Steve Lukather and his former bandmate, Whitesnake legend David Coverdale.

Marsden says the style of the album will call back to the Whitesnake Ready An' Willing era: "Kind of gone retro, but with a 2012/2013 sound, if you know what I mean," he says. "A young guy's producing it, and I’m very pleased for them to do it, because they bring a lot to the table. I just write the songs and play guitar, which is nice."

The Beast Les Paul

Marsden joined Whitesnake on stage in May to play Fool For Your Loving and Here I Go Again in Manchester, England. And his legendary '59 Les Paul Standard, nicknamed 'The Beast,' was the subject of Gibson Custom Collector's Choice #8 . In March Marsden told us the Beast came into his life in 1974 after spending time in the hands of Andy Fraser and Paul Kossoff of Free and, before that, Eric Clapton. “…In those days, there was no big deal about all this," Marsden said of the guitar's provenance. "People were trading guitars between each other all the time. Back then, no-one cared about the provenance of guitars, you just wanted a great one."