Veteran rockers Los Lobos have announced that they’ll be joining John Mellencamp on the first leg of his tour that will take them through Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, and Indiana, Mellencamp’s home state. Suffice to say, it’s a bit far from the band’s home of East Los Angeles where they formed more than 30 years ago.

Los Lobos—Cesar Rosas, Louie Pérez, Steve Berlin, Conrad Lozano, and David Hidalgo—will focus on material from their latest album, Town and City, as well as from their well-worn catalog which includes such classics as Kiko and Colossal Heal. Blending classic rock—they’ve been known to do a nasty version of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl”—to traditional (both regional Mexican and the cross-over hit “La Bamba”), Los Lobos’ music has an indelible stamp of originality that also incorporates blues, jazz, and rockabilly. Heck, they even do a cover of Sublime’s “Pawn Shop.”

Lead guitarists and singers Rosas and Hidalgo both use Gibson for their thick sound: Hidalgo a classic Firebird and a Les Paul, Rosas a variety of left-handed Les Pauls. Just in case you’re confused, he’s the guy that wears the dark slitty shades. Click here for Los Lobos' tour dates.