Skin Tyson

Liam “Skin” Tyson calls himself a surreal Scouser. For those not from the U.K, a “scouser” is a Liverpudlian (a native of Liverpool).

Still a member of Britpop stars Cast, Skin has also long-been the main guitarist in Robert Plant’s solo bands, be they called Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation or the Sensational Space Shifters.

Here’s “Skin” with his new-found love, a Gibson J-35. “Skin’s combination of pastoral acoustic open tuned guitars and electric 21st century psychedelia make him a perfect foil for Robert Plant’s balladry and fire,” says his PR rep. Right on!

Skin now works from his home base of Snowdonia, North Wales, where he put together the project “Men from Mars.” Updates on Skin Tyson at Robert Plant’s website and Cast’s website. He’s a great guitarist. With his new Gibson J-35, he probably got even better. Gibson’s J-35 is a handcrafted U.S-made update on a classic acoustic.