lenny kravitz

In an interview with Billboard, Lenny Kravitz talked about the state of his upcoming album. Kravitz says he finished recording the album in mid-September: "It's very deconstructed, very minimal. Guitar, bass and drums are the primary instruments. There's some sax and horns on some tracks. There's an orchestra on one track, but for the most part it's very raw but it's got a big sound. At times it's only three instruments playing, and it sounds really big."

Guitar, bass, and drums is what made up most of Kravitz' third album Are You Gonna Go My Way as well, an album that has just been reissued in a 20th anniversary two-disc Deluxe Edition. Aside from the remastered album, the package also contains seven B-sides, and a disc of demos, and acoustic versions, including songs that Kravitz wrote for French singer Vanessa Paradis in 1992.

As far as the new music goes, Kravitz hope to have the album out sometime during spring 2014.