Lenny Kravitz Yesterday (May 18), Guns N’ Roses announced that Alice in Chains and Lenny Kravitz will join the band for several dates on their “Not in This Lifetime” summer tour. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Kravitz said he’s excited about the forthcoming shows. “I don’t normally do gigs like this,” he said. “But sometimes you’ve got to do things for the fun of it, for the experience. I’m looking forward to playing with them and celebrating them coming back together.”

Kravitz went on to point out that he’s worked with Slash in the past—the two co-wrote “Always on the Run,” for Kravitz’s 1991 Mama Said album—and he’s known other members of the Gunners for years. He also revealed he will likely focus on harder-rocking material for the GNR dates. “We’re definitely going to jam and improvise and get loose, and treat it like a festival,” he said. “Summertime always makes me think of festivals like the Isle of Wight, when Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix played. I love the summer, outdoor concert vibe, so we’ll rock out and improvise and go deep and get psychedelic and out there.”