Korn have announced that their new album, The Paradigm Shift, will hit stores on Oct. 1, and as it turns out, frontman Jonathan Davis says he wrote the new album while getting off anti-depressant medication—a foggy period, to say the least.

“The whole writing process I was on autopilot,” he told Rolling Stone . “It was stream-of-consciousness—so many songs I don’t know what the … I’m talking about. I didn’t really have to try to write, it just came out.”

Davis added, “I detoxed off that medication—it was an anti-depressant, the anxiety and stuff. I’d been on it for three years and the doctor told me you gotta get off this, it’s bad for you.”

The Paradigm Shift will be the first album to feature guitarist Brian “Head” Welch since he left Korn back in 2005.