Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has many cool interests outside of shredding, most notably his fascination with horror movies and paraphernalia. 

Now, Hammett can add one more label to his growing title: coffee master. 

The Metallica's guitarist's KHDK Electronics company has joined forces with Dark Matter Coffee to offer a new, signature coffee blend named the Ghoul Screamer.

Ghoul Screamer follows Hammett's horror theme. 

"Ghoul Screamer was forged in the bottomless mines of Az'g'orath to protect humanity from the forces of evil by summoning the scream of the Ghoul," reads the official description.

The Ghoul Screamer blend uses beans from El Salvador and incorporates hints of apricot, praline and mulling spices. The coffee is available now via

In other news, Hammett and Metallica boys are currently on tour in Europe to promote their chart-topping 2016 album, Self-Destruct.