Kirk Hammett

For many players, the idea of keeping a beautiful vintage guitar in a vault instead of playing it is sacrilege. Last year Metallica’s Kirk Hammett ensured that one particularly magical axe will continue to sing, by purchasing the ‘Gary Moore/Peter Green Les Paul.’

On the weekend Kirk - whose Twitter handle is @FearFestEviL in honor of his horror festival - explained to a fan on Twitter why he purchased the legendary 1959 Les Paul Standard: “The best tribute is that it's being played again instead of being neglected by people who only bought it for the investment,” he said.

Kirk has already been using the instrument onstage, particularly to play Metallica’s cover of “Whiskey in the Jar,” the traditional Irish song popularized in its rock form by Thin Lizzy in the early 1970s.

Gibson recreated this guitar as Collector's Choice™ #1 1959 Les Paul Standard . And a recreation of Kirk’s own Gibson Flying V is available from Gibson Custom.