Kirk Hammett did the guitar world a massive service when he purchased the legendary ‘Greeny’, the 1959 Gibson Les Paul first owned by Fleetwood Mac’s Peter Green and then blue-rock icon Gary Moore. Instead of locking the instrument away in a vault somewhere, Hammett continues to play the guitar, making sure it’s mysterious ‘magic’ tone continues to inspire and amaze.

Recently, while on tour with Metallica in the UK, Hammett sat down for an interview with Guitar Interactive and suddenly decided to bring out the historic guitar. In the video, he demonstrates how – even when it’s not plugged in – the guitar is able to perfectly reproduce the tone of the original recording of ‘Oh Well’, Green’s 1969 composition from the Fleetwood Mac album Then Play On.

In the video, Hammett lovingly describes the guitar’s unique tone, saying, "It's crazy. It has its tone already in it. You can plug this guitar into virtually any normal-sounding amp and you'll get a great sound—because it's all in here. There are some guitars that have the tone inside, but you have to bring it out, find the sweet spot... This guitar, you plug it in, and it's already there."

Kirk Hammett and Greeny Les Paul

Watch the full video here.