Kings of Leon

Whether or not Kings of Leon have a specific inspiration in mind when they write songs, the end result usually means something completely different. According to bass player Jared Followill, the band’s lyrics simply have multiple meanings.

“So many of our songs can be interpreted in so many different ways,” Jared told “At the time you can actually write something, and it can be completely abstract to you at the time, and then a year later something will happen to you and you’ll listen back and be like, ‘Wow, that song sounds like it was written perfectly for the situation.’”

Followill says that songwriting can be a lengthy process for Kings of Leon. “Sometimes you have to sift through an hour and 20 minutes and you always skip it towards the end because that’s when you really start to get into it,” he said. “But we’ve jammed on some pretty songs for about two hours before we knew that we wouldn’t use them.”

Kings of Leon’s new album, Mechanical Bull, dropped this week.