Keith Richards Keith Richards has a dream—specifically, he would like the Rolling Stones to go straight into the studio after coming off a tour. “It’ll probably never happen, but [that’s when] the band is really honed and toned and all the screws are in the right place,” the Stones guitarist tells The New York Times, in a just-published interview. “A lot of the earlier records we made were in between tours. We’d come straight off the road and go straight into the studio, which is why some of those records have so much bounce and hit on them--the energy.” Richards added: “We’re playing South America in February and March, and I would like to get in the studio around April or May next year. It’s been too long ... I can feel something in my bones saying we have to record.” The veteran rocker also expressed hope that his new solo album, Crosseyed Heart, might motivate the Stones to record new material.