Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones may be on their 50 and Counting tour, but Keith Richards is polishing a new solo album for 2014. In a new interview with Mojo magazine, Richards says: “I’ve been cutting stuff with Steve Jordan. For the last couple of years we get together and lay down tracks for a possible album.

“There’s some great stuff in the can, we’re just polishing things up and waiting for the right time to put it out. Maybe after this year with The Stones.”

Steve Jordan is the drummer/multi-instrumentalist who co-produced with Richards in his X-Pensive Winos band. Read more about Keith Richards’ solo albums.

In the same Mojo interview, Richards admits “there couldn’t be a Rolling Stones without Charlie Watts.” He also gives credit to bassist Darryl Jones. “Everybody thinks he’s the new boy but he’s been with us 20 years. His playing with Charlie is so locked in, I can’t think of a rhythm section I’ve been with, except in the Winos maybe with Steve Jordan and Charlie Drayton, where I’ve felt that same rapport. I wanna give Mr. Jones his due.”