Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards has picked his Top 10 blues tracks for an interview with Planet Rock Radio, to be broadcast 29 June.

Via The Sun newspaper, here's Keith's Top 10.

Jimmy Reed “You Got Me Dizzy”
Muddy Waters “Still a Fool”
Chuck Berry “Let it Rock”
Little Walter “Key to the Highway”
Howlin' Wolf “Red Rooster”
John Lee Hooker “Boom Boom”
Otis Redding “These Arms of Mine”
Bo Diddley “Mona”
Freddie King “Goin' Down”
Robert Johnson “Love in Vain”

The Planet Rock interview promises to be full of great stories. Speaking of one of his many encounters with Chuck Berry, Richards says “He’d left his guitar out in his dressing room and I’d just been sitting there and I just picked it up.

“And he walks in, 'nobody touches that', bam!! But he didn’t know it was me. And then a few months later I get sort of these apologetic, “Keith I didn’t know it was you”. It don’t matter. Chuck, you did the right move, I wouldn’t let nobody touch mine either!”

Richards describes Robert Johnson as “one of the most innovative and very sensitive blues songwriters of all time.” He says Bo Diddley was “the original gangster.”

Of Howlin' Wolf, Richards says, “he could scare ghosts away. He was enormous.” Of Otis Redding, he half-jokes, “the good die young, huh? Where does that leave me?”

Good choice by Richards, although plenty of obvious cuts in there. How do they compare with your favorite blues tracks?