Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi gave his views on the current state of modern music in an interview with British magazine Star. Online music publication reports on how the 50-year old rocker is concerned that young people aren't "paying attention" to music in the same way that teenagers used to when Jon himself got his start in the industry. He also points out that with shows like American Idol and X Factor, young talent don't get the chance to mature on their own: "It's hard because they're thrust into a huge spotlight and they're expected to have a record on a par with the greats six weeks later."

On the question of whether Bon Jovi would have made it under such circumstances, Jon answered, "No, I had 21 years to write my first record." In fact, Bon Jovi did not hit the big time until their third album, Slippery When Wet, went multi-platinum. The first two albums, while moderately successful, allowed the band to mature in peace.

Jon does realize that there are plenty of talented musicians around today, no matter what genre they might belong to, saying "But you can't compare One Direction to the likes of Adele or Mumford & Sons. Their talent is invigorating. I'm glad to see talent continuing because I worry this generation isn't paying that much attention to music."