On 30 September/1 October, the Gibson New York Showroom in Manhattan hosted the auction for some of the guitars, song notebooks and memorabilia of the late Texas blues legend Johnny Winter.

And Guernsey's auction house has now revealed the prices paid. Items included jewelry, scarves and hats ‑ “sweat stains and all” ­- and even a clump of Winter’s beard, but we were more interested, of course, in Winter’s Gibson guitars.

In total, Winter’s Gibsons sold for over £400,000, with some iconic Gibson Firebirds fetching the highest prices. Here are some of the key items and how they were described by auctioneers Guernsey’s.

1964 White Firebird V: SOLD $160,000

Johnny Winter

“...Pictured on the cover of Winter's historic Captured Live! album and countless other photographs. This is truly a wonderful instrument, a one-of-a-kind piece of Rock n' Roll history. Tailpiece was removed deliberately by Johnny Winter per his preference.

Serial No. 242133. Tailpiece removed by Johnny, as he preferred the sound of the guitar without it. Many signs of frequent use, including: Faded, worn "Firebird" logo on pick guard. Gibson logo on headstock has worn off. Some signs discoloration, and chipping paint. Winter can be seen playing this Firebird in a video recording of a 1987 performance in Sweden, documented on YouTube as "Johnny Winter - Mojo Boogie, Sweden 1987," as well as countless other performances.”

1965 Inverness Green Firebird V SOLD $60,000

Johnny Winter

“Johnny Winter's name is virtually synonymous with Gibson Firebirds. His rare ‘Inverness Green’ Firebird, with custom pearl inlay, is simply breathtaking. Johnny Winter played it live for many years at some of his largest shows for crowds of hundreds of thousands, all over the world. This guitar is prominently featured in Winter's worldwide Sony film release, Down n' Dirty, The Johnny Winter Story.

Serial No. 255115. Vibrato tailpiece (which was standard with Firebird V) has been removed by Johnny, as he preferred the sound of the guitar without them. Features iridescent inlay of an eagle and cloud with an emerging lightning bolt on front of body. Feature iridescent notches along fretboard. Faded "Firebird" logo on front of body. Ombre effect along verso from top of headstock to bottom of strap button, fades from turquoise to a bright green. Verso of headstock has a 1" crack and entirety of verso shows some slight paint chipping.”

In addition, Winter’s 1963 Firebird Sunburst sold for $120,000 and his Gibson Custom Shop block inlay ES-335 (based on a ‘64, with Johnny Winter engraved trussrod cover) went for $40,000.

Other Gibsons sold in the auction included Winter’s EM-200 Mandolin ($5,500), his 1954 ES-175DN ($5,000), a 1965Thunderbird bass ($5,000), a 1965 ES-5 ($4,000), a Gibson Custom ShopFirebird sunburst ‘63 replica ($9,000), a 1960 J-45 ($4,000) and his 1966 EB-0 electric bass ($3,250).