On December 2, Guernsey’s Auctions will hold a sale in New York called “Legendary Guitars & Musical Treasures.” There are indeed some treasures for very well-heeled Gibson fans.

There’s a vintage 1953 Gibson Les Paul that belongs to Paul McCartney! The Goldtop, which is a right-handed model, has been retro-fitted with PAF humbuckers, making it non-true to original ‘53 Goldtop spec, but that’s unlikely to deter bidders. McCartney played it on early 2012 sessions for his New album.

There’s a 1989 Gibson L4 Custom that belonged to David Bowie, played in his Tin Machine Days. Starting bids are at $30,000.

There’s also a black Gibson Les Paul that Madonna (that’s right!) played on her Drowned World tour of 2001, serial #001360. “This guitar introduced Madonna: the guitar player to the world,” says the catalog. “It is one of the most photographed guitars ever, appearing in magazines and newspapers from around the world. This was the first (electric) guitar Madonna ever played in performance.” It should be noted that Madonna’s designers/stage team initially suggested some sort of custom space-age design, but she herself insisted on a classic: a Gibson Les Paul.

Johnny Winter

But of most interest to real gear nerds might be Johnny Winter’s 12-string Gibson Firebird. 12-string Firebirds were built by Gibson only in 1966 and 1967, and sunburst was the standard finish: Winter’s cream one is extra rare. Guernsey anticipate a $24,000 starting bid. The rare Firebird is being sold on behalf of the Johnny Winter estate.

Head to Live Auctioneers for all the details.

Photos: Guernsey Auctions