Johnny Marr

U.K. guitarist Johnny Marr is planning to write his autobiography. Marr co-founded The Smiths and Electronic, and has played with The The, Modest Mouse, The Cribs, The Pretenders, Talking Heads, Bryan Ferry, Billy Bragg and has numerous other “guest” credits to his name. His solo album, The Messenger, is out now.

Marr has told Guns N’Roses’ Duff McKagan — not a conversation many thought would happen — that he wants to write a book about his musical life.

Marr told McKagan, “I guess [publishers] want me to give a load of dirt… obviously I’m not gonna do that. I’ve got a load of stories like yourself. I’ve played with so many different musicians, just casually. Whether it’s David Crosby on the end of his bed or hanging out with Keith Richards, all of that stuff. People are kind of fascinated by it.

“I’ll tackle it one day in the not-too-distant future. I wanna do a couple more records, praise God. I’ll get that done, and then I’ll take some time out and do that.”

Full interview at Seattle Weekly.