Johnny Marr

As an aspiring guitarist, a teenage Noel Gallagher remembers seeing The Smiths on TV’s Top Of The Pops, admiring guitarist Johnny Marr with his “Brian Jones bowlhead” (haircut) and “red semi-acoustic” (Gibson ES-355) and deciding: “that’s what I want to look like.”

Thirty years on, the irony is not lost on Johnny Marr. The two Mancunian stringsmiths have been firm friends for years – Marr has been a guest on Oasis albums, as well as Gallagher’s own High Flying Birds/solo releases – but Marr says now he is regularly mistaken for the man who once copied his look.

Marr has done an interview for Gallagher’s official Facebook page, and the Smiths legend reveals: “I think he (Noel) thought I was joking about this till he saw it... Where if I’m walking around every week, every month and someone says: ‘Are you Noel Gallagher?’”

He added: “And I’m obviously not Noel, right, but it’s because I look like a guitar player, so he’s become the sort of generic term for rock musician…”

In the same interview, Marr seems amused that Gallagher – who was something of a protege, as early Oasis albums were recorded on a Gibson Les Paul Gallagher borrowed from Marr – is now so famous, no-one uses his surname. “You don’t have to say Gallagher anymore. You just say Noel. He’s become one of those people who just have the one name now. Like Madonna.”

A preview of the full, forthcoming interview is on Noel Gallagher’s Facebook.