Photo by Dmileson

Bonamassa, who recently spoke to Music Radar – along with his Black Country Communion bandmate Glenn Hughes – was pretty forthcoming on how he played on the band’s new album.

To start with, his “Skinnerburst ’59 Les Paul was used for most of the album. This is the first we’ve done that was tuned down a half step and I’m more set up for standard pitch, as most of my guitars are used to that tension.” Talking more about his main axe for the album, Bonamassa said, “The Skinnerburst turned out to be a real simplifier because I put strings on it, tuned up and only had to loosen the truss rod just slightly to give it a little more tension. That way I could hit the chords hard without worrying about any funky wobbling sounds.”

Moving on to a discussion about what his current pedalboard set-up is these days, Bonamassa was in a particularly belligerent mood, saying, “I’ve really gotten over pedals. I can’t keep up with this craze of boutique pedals that make you sound like everything but your guitar. I can’t get my head around it. So you don’t want to play a guitar [properly] so you buy a box that makes it sound like an algorithm, like you just fired up your computer and you can spend the night staring at your fuckin’ shoes? C’mon man…”

He didn’t stop there. Instead, he had some pretty stern words for the young guitar players of today: “These guys can barely play a chord but call themselves soundscapists”

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