Rolling Stones

In an interview with CBS, transcribed by Rolling Stone magazine, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood share some insight in to how the Rolling Stones prepare for their upcoming “50 & Counting” tour. Jagger said: “Personally, I start preparing about two months before the tour starts. So I have to up my fitness level and I have to start singing everyday, doing practices and a bit of dancing.” Jagger practices his classic dance moves in front of a mirror in a studio, so that everything will look just right come opening night. “I kept hedging when people asked me, but I knew, the year before,” said Jagger about the upcoming tour that was veiled in secrecy up until the last minute, with tickets going on sale barely a month before the first show on May 2 in Los Angeles.
Keith Richards spoke of how the band communicate and stay in synch during shows: “Charlie gives me a little signal, a certain little rap that he's ready to go,” said Richards. “Then Ronnie and I, we just passed looks at each other all the time.” By the look of it, all four members of the Rolling Stones seem ready to go once the tour kicks off in little over a week.