Neil Young

We've previously reported on Jack White's record setting session, where he recorded a track live, pressed it to vinyl, and delivered it to customers at his Third Man Records store in less than four hours. Now White has been involved in a similar event, but on a national scale.

During a taping of The Tonight Show on Monday (May 12), Neil Young performed the Willie Nelson classic "Crazy" with White recording it and pressing it to vinyl during the course of the program. Young recorded the song in White's 1947 Voice-O-Graph recording booth, which was on hand for the occasion. Normally housed at Third Man Records, the recording booth was also used to record Young's new cover album A Letter Home.

White proceeded to press the track to vinyl, and later in the show Young, White, host Jimmy Fallon, and guest Louis C.K. all sat down to listen to the freshly produced track. In related Jack White news, the rocker is preparing an “Ultra” vinyl version of his upcoming solo album Lazaretto on which there will be hidden tracks under the center label on both sides.