Iggy and the Stooges ripped through a performance of “Job,” a new song from their just-released Ready to Die album, on The Colbert Report on Tuesday (April 30). After the show, the band stuck around to deliver an encore, scorching through a track titled “Burn.” The second segment didn’t make the official broadcast, but Stooges fans can watch the band performing “Burn” on the The Colbert Report website. Iggy, dressed in a suit, was also interviewed by Colbert. Asked about his predilection for going shirtless, the punk icon simply said, “The Pharaoh never wore a shirt.” Thirty seconds into the performance of “Job,” Pop charged into the studio crowd, recruiting members of the audience to join him in singing the refrain. Ready to Die is the first Stooges album to feature guitarist James Williamson since the 1973 classic, Raw Power. You can watch the band’s performance of “Burn” below.