Van Halen

Tensions have been running high between Eddie Van Halen and former Van Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar ever since their reunion tour in 2004. But now it seems as if Hagar is ready to bury the hatchet with his former bandmate. When asked by Vegas Rocks what he would say to Eddie if they met today, Hagar responded: “I’d say: ‘Wow – great! You look like you’re healthy. I’m really proud of you and I’d like to see you continuing doing that. Here’s my phone number. Call me up if you want to hang, and just have some fun and goof off.”
But that’s not to say that Sammy is hoping for a Van Halen reunion: “I wouldn’t say, ‘Hey, let’s get together and do it again,’ because you would have to do that slow. I’d never do it again under the last circumstances. But I would do it again under different circumstances. Then I would also say, ‘Here’s Mikey’s phone number with mine!’” Hagar, who formed the band Chickenfoot with former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has said that he felt it was unfair when Anthony was fired from Van Halen in favor of Eddie’s son Wolfgang.
The interplay between Hagar and Anthony’s backing vocals was a major part of the trademark sound of Hagar’s years in Van Halen. Original Van Halen lead singer David Lee Roth recently talked to Rolling Stone about Anthony’s great backing vocals, saying “And what we have at our fingertips is arguably one of the greatest high tenor voices ever – that was in Michael Anthony. That voice is as identifiable as the high voice in Earth, Wind and Fire, as identifiable as the high voice in the Beach Boys.”