Although it has been more than seven years since Ray Davies was shot in the leg after chasing a thief in New Orleans, the Kinks frontman is still affected by the injury in major ways. The wound stemming from the 2004 incident actually put the 66-year-old rocker in the hospital late last year.

“It’s been pretty bad, actually,” he told Q magazine. “I got quite sick before Christmas from residue that is still in the leg and which formed a clot. It made me quite ill and I was hospitalized for a bit.”

Davies was forced to cancel a batch of performances in New York as a result. His doctors advised him not to fly until he was stable. The singer-guitarist blames the long-lasting effects on the way the wound was initially treated.

“To put it politely, I don’t think it was handled very well at the time: partly because the hospital was busy, and partly due to the nature of the gunshot wound,” he said. “It was a zigzag bullet.”