Guitarist and songwriter John Spinks, who helped power the British trio The Outfield to the top of the charts in the late ‘80s, died Wednesday (July 9) from liver cancer. He was 60. Best known for their debut 1986 smash, “Your Love,” The Outfield scored eight Hot 100 hits in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.

A comeback album, Replay, was released in 2011. The band announced Spink’s passing with a message to fans on Facebook: “We would like to thank you for ‘Your Love’ and the continued support you have given John throughout his career. He loved making music and playing his guitar. He found pleasure knowing that his music made people happy and bought them fond memories. He worked hard with many days in pain to finish the Replay album. There were times when he could barely pick up his guitar, but he refused to give up knowing he would disappoint fans. The hardest day for John was when he put his guitar in its case announcing his hands could no longer play.”

Dave Harris, former manager of the band, described Spinks as a “master of melody.” “His riffs gave The Outfield life, his melodies made those songs memorable,” he said. Click here to watch Spinks and The Outfield performing their 1987 hit, “Since You’ve Been Gone.”