GuitarTown Waukesha

A nationally acclaimed public arts project launched by Gibson Guitar Corporation last year will be encored the weekend of June 7 in Waukesha, Wisconsin – birthplace of guitar legend Les Paul. The GuitarTown project, which raises money for local charities, features 10-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul guitars, regular sized guitars, and professional murals designed by local students and renowned visual artists – all displayed in front of city landmarks and businesses. Each guitar sculpture and mural will celebrate a musician, personality or artist unique to the region’s history, with sponsorship by local businesses and individuals.

The GuitarTown encore will also add 15 large guitars and 25 playable guitars to the event. Les Paul’s son, Rusty, and members of the Les Paul Trio will be on hand for the festivities. Last year, GuitarTown raised $105,000 for the Waukesha’s local charities. Other cities who’ve participated in the GuitarTown project include Austin, Cleveland, Miami, London, Orlando, Hollywood and Nashville. For additional information, click here.